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Thomas "BJ" Williams-EL

Digital Cinematographer. Documentarian. Philanthropist. 
Always had an passion for art, eventually marrying my affinity for technology into cinematography.  A native of Washington, DC, I started my media production career path at Morehouse College.While working at both Morehouse and Spelman, I helped craft an admission teaser video with several other students that garnered a fair amount of acclaim. My work's popularity swelled as the video enjoyed a viral buzz and requests for visuals brimmed over the gates of my Alma mater.
Since 1999, I've enjoyed hundreds of productions, crews by the dozen and several priceless mentorships.


Telly Award


FRS20 Award


Aurora Award


Telly Award 2009

For Achievement in Excellence: Television Entertainment. Lolita Snipes' "Sabbatical" - DOP

Summit Showdown 2018

Grand Prize Winner: Unscripted Program


Aurora Award 2018

Commercial: Corporate Image/Promotion

Commercial: Educational Institution

External Communications: Corporate Identity/Image

DeKalb School "I Love DeKalb" - Camera Op


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